Pictogram without reading aids

The pictogram for the characterization of chemical substances is not yet intended for output in reading aids (text-to-speech reader).

Outlook and reflection

Actually, I just wanted to make links to analysis files accessible. But this does not allow the browsers - security. That's why I have now made it possible to save copies of the files directly in the icon. So you can wrap your analysis reports to a substance compact with the browser and archive it in SVG pictogram.

The current page is a first step for a synthesis protocol software. The student enters only the measurement data and describes his experiment in standardized form. The software then creates a formulated protocol for synthesis with a description of the reaction procedure, processing, isolation and analysis. My goal is for many students to use this software for their internships. With their protocols, they thus create the data for statistical studies on the influence of reaction conditions on reactions. Because the protocols are easy to translate, communication in the chemical community could be simplified.

A beta version for capturing would be programmed relatively quickly, but to become a good software, many small construction sites are to be bypassed. In particular, the production of chemicals and chemical devices should also be taken along to find meaningful interfaces between the databases - after all, everyone wants to enter as little as possible.

I would like to program the software for it, if the conditions for such a research project are correct. The project is too extensive to build such software just in the spare time..[Translation helped by google]